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Convenience, Experience and Expertise

Village Mowers is family run business, established since 2003, with an excellent reputation as a leading company in lawnmower repairs, servicing, restoration and expert advice for all types and makes of lawnmowers. We are also specialists in sharpening cylindrical blades.

Centrally based in Leicestershire, we cover all parts of the Midlands. Our workshop is centrally located close to major link roads including the M1, A46 and M69, making it convenient to arrange collection and return across a wide catchment area.

Our fully trained technicians provide the highest standards of customer service, care and attention for any job undertaken, however large or small. We are passionate and enthusiastic about our work and happy to share our expertise to ensure our clients’ lawnmowers are in top condition helping them to achieve excellent lawns.

We provide professional service and expertise, repairs and spare parts for all leading makes and models of lawnmowers & outdoor power equipment and are happy to offer sound advice - if you have a garden machinery problem, then we can provide a solution.

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All types and makes of garden machinery
We offer repairs, servicing, restoration and expert advice for all types of mechanical garden machinery including:

  • All types of electric and petrol mowers (including two-stroke)
  • Sit on Lawnmowers
  • Shredders
  • Scarifiers
  • Garden strimmers
  • Hedge cutters
  • Chainsaws
  • Blowers

We are also able to offer you loan equipment whilst we service/repair your machine, call us for more details.

Village Mowers

We also sharpen any tools or garden equipment you bring us including shears, scissors and hand tools and offer anti-corrosion treatment.

We deal with all leading makes of garden machinery including: Mountfield, Honda, Sthil, Farr, Hayter, Stiga, Bosch, Qualcast, Flymo, Briggs & Stratton & Kawasaki.

We are happy to undertake work for both professional gardeners and groundsmen or domestic weekend gardeners.

Hire Equipment
Hire and sale of garden machinery from as little as £10.00 small deposit required - call for more details

For Sale
We also have a large amount of second hand & New parts, hand mowers/strimmers/hedge cutters all fully serviced for sale

Free Collection and Delivery
Service and repair work is carried out on our premises in our well-equipped workshop by our qualified garden machinery technicians, with a free local collection and return service. Alternatively we offer a fully mobile service with – repairs and service carried on site at your own premises.

Free Estimates and Full Guarantee
We aim to avoid any major surprise charges and are happy to provide up-front cost estimates with charges set out in advance, other than any spare parts which may be required on commencement of these works, including replacement spark plug or air filters.
If any fault is discovered on work commencement, which had not been previously discussed we will call to discuss the cost of repair.

Our service repairs are guaranteed for 3 months

Other Services

We can also offer garden design, fencing, paving, and mowing

To find out more, why not give us a call?

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Jack - Village Mowers Midlands
Telephone: 07583 748544


Address for correspondence: 2-12 Middleton Atreet, Aylestone, Leicester, LE2 8LU

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VM Lawn Mower Care and Lawn Care - Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in our Servicing?

  • Flushing out of petrol engines until the engine oil is fully clean and clear of debris as lawnmowers do not have oil filters like car engines.
  • Refilling with clean four stroke engine oil
  • Flushing the fuel system and cleaning the carburettor where needed
  • Checking and adjusting (where necessary) the spark plug
  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter
  • Checking and adjusting (where necessary) the running of the engine
  • Sharpening, balancing and protective painting of rotary cutting blades (where necessary)
  • Sharpening of cutting cylinders (where requested or recommended)
  • Rust treatment for under-side when needed
  • Final testing of the operation of the mower

What do you recommend in terms of Lawn Mower maintenance and Care?

  • To maximise lifespan of a new petrol mower, an engine flush and oil change are recommended after the first 10 hours use. 'Running-in' of new mowers can cause metal debris within the engine, which an oil change and flush removes.
  • In autumn, when the mowing season is finished, it is recommended that you have your mower serviced ready for the next season.
  • After the last cut of the season run a petrol mower until the fuel tank is empty as unleaded fuel does not keep well over the winter and loses its combustibility.
  • Prior to using your petrol mower place it on a level surface and check the level of the oil is above the minimum mark on the dip stick and where required top up with SAE 30 engine oil.

Are there any Lawn Mower Warning Symptoms that I should look out for?

  • Where blue smoke comes from the engine especially where working hard it requires servicing.
  • Where the engine is difficult to start or running unevenly/noisily it probably requires servicing.
  • Where the blades of a rotary mower are vibrating noticeably the blade probably needs attention and you should avoid using the mower until you have had it checked out.
  • Where the colour of the oil on the dip stick is a very dark brown but with some transparency then it will need a service soon or at the very least an oil change.
  • Where the oil colour is black then it needs a service immediately or at very least an oil change - continued use of the mower will cause severe engine wear which may not be repairable.

How important is Blade Sharpening?

  • A blunt blade will tear the grass leaving it looking browner and will let the weeds and moss grow stronger.
  • Ensure mower blades are kept sharp.

What tips are there to ensure safety when mowing?

  • Wear protective clothing and equipment such as gardening gloves, safety footwear and eye protection, particularly when strimming or mowing near gravel paths.
  • If you pause during mowing (to fetch or move something for example) do not leave the mower running and ensure it is completely turned off to avoid accidents or injury and to save energy.
  • Prior to removing the grass collection bag, clearing a blockage, or making any adjustments to the mower always turn the mower off and wait for the blades to stop
  • Read the instruction manual, telling you how to safely operate and maintain your mower and also its maintenance requirements.

Village Mowers

How often should I cut my grass and what is the ideal length?

  • If you want a weed free green lawn then cut the lawn often but not too low.
  • Don't cut your lawn too short - for a flat lawn half an inch is recommended
  • If you walk on your lawn often, leave the grass about one inch in length
  • Frequent mowing encourages dense growth, so mow once a week when the grass is growing fast.
  • Avoid damaging the lawn or encouraging moss in Springtime, by progressively reducing the length of  the grass over a few weeks
  • During periods of slow lawn growth due to unseasonal drought or cooler temperatures avoid mowing.

What is the best way to mow and empty the grass collection bin?

  • It is recommended that you empty the grass collection bag before it is full to ensure no clumps of grass clippings are left on the lawn and to minimise strain on the mower (and yourself!)
  • Where possible mow when the lawn is dry as collecting wet grass is more difficult for the mower and also makes the collection bag heavier
  • If using a rotary mower pull the mower backwards over raised lawn edges for ease and to avoid the mower falling off the edge.

How is it recommended I store my Lawn Mower securely and fully-protected?

  • Always ensure that the blade or cylinder is dry when storing.
  • Store the mower in a clean dry and secure location


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